Don’t ask me why, but I found the last 15 minutes before leaving my house to fly to the Philippines an appropriate time to upload some photos and actually update my blog.

Actually, I was really just a bit excited to share photos of a piece I finished knitting over a month ago which had been sitting around waiting to get blocked. The Hemlock Ring Blanket is basically a glorified doily and it was a fast and fun knit.

Okay, I’m sure some people may notice how terrible my job of blocking really was, but I figured since it’s just a blanket, it’s not such a big deal. I like its imperfections.


Okay, I’m not quite running a 5k a day, especially now that we’re between two major eating holidays. Today was the first time I ran in exactly a week and I struggled, but I was able to make it 3.5 miles before quitting. It’s amazing how little time it takes for your body to start feeling out of shape. I’d like to be able to blame my feet for the discomfiture, but that’s just not the case. For some reason, I’ve really been abusing my feet lately. About a month ago on a long hike, I managed to bruise both of my large toes and the dark spots on the nails are finally starting to grow out. Then less than a week ago, I kicked a headboard really hard (not on purpose) and it just about ripped the nail off of one of my little toes. It turned from a moderately bruised toe into zombie toe within a day, but once all the blood and pus drained from beneath the nail, it started looking normal again.

Day 1

Day 2

On another note, I finally have a job. I’ve been working as a cashier at Sears the last two weeks, but they only put me (as well as all of the other trainees) on the schedule for 20 hours this next week. I am thankful that the 20 hours is over a 3-day span so I’m not having to drive out to Ft. Walton Beach for short shifts, but I sure do miss making money.

Here are some photos from Thanksgiving I wanted to share. Take care, all!

My brother is modeling a hat I recently knit here. Actually, he sort of just took it and started wearing it, so I guess it’s his now.

What a couple of weirdos, right?

I apologize. I haven’t written here in a while. I’ve had much happen in my life; good or bad, you decide. I don’t have much time to share it now, but I wanted to show you just a glimpse at what I’ve been up to. Here’s a little guy I knit for Ryan who just turned 1 last Monday.

I knit my first garment, a sleeveless sweater with a tie at the waist and a large collar. It took me 2 weeks to complete and I hardly knit anything else while I worked on it. It’s perfect except the mattress stitch I used to seam the tie part onto the bottom. It’s a little tight, so I’ll have to redo it, but I think I’ll wait until it’s actually cool enough out for me to wear the sweater.

On another note, my hair is getting awfully long. I’m getting it cut sometime this week.

I don’t know what compelled me to ever go out and buy a set of knitting needles, but I finally did it and I’m finding that I absolutely love it. After just a few rows or rounds, you begin to see your project take shape and that’s pretty satisfying.

The first pattern I knit was for a scarf which was in the back of a pocket-sized knitting guide and just involved purl and knit stitches. From there I decided to search for information about knitting online and I came across and discovered all of the beautiful (and free) patterns they have published. I saw photos for the Lace Ribbon scarf and decided this would be my next project.

With some extra yarn and a bit of research online I figured out how to perform a few new stitches (ssk, k2tog, yo, and 2yo). After practicing a bit, I went to Eva’s Yarn Shop in Fairhaven, MA, and picked out a fingering weight, hand-dyed yarn with which to knit my next project. (I also found out that Wednesday and Thursday nights there is a knitting group that meets here where you can share your projects and get technical help. Read more about this at their website.)



I learned a lot with this project about how to back up stitch by stitch to fix mistakes and how to pick up slipped stitches. I also learned how to really read the pattern and match it up with what I had already knit so I didn’t have to carry the instructions with me after repeating the pattern a couple of times. It took me about 2 weeks to complete the scarf.



Although there are a few mistakes here and there, I’m very proud of my first real project. I’m already browsing patterns for my next project.