I’ve been spending a lot of time outside over the last couple of weeks trying to get everything ready for our vegetable garden: building and filling the raised bed (with a lot of help from hubby, of course), starting summer seeds, weeding and watering, etc. But I’m a little saddened to report that we don’t quite have vegetables ready to be planted.

I tried starting seeds for 3 different types of cucumbers, 2 types of legumes, a squash, kohlrabi, sunflowers and amaranth but they just didn’t do anything. They were planted in a seed tray with a lid and in the more expensive coconut coir pots instead of regular old peat pots. I left the whole tray outside, thinking I would get a jump on having to harden off the veggies by just letting them grow outdoors. I may have overwatered the whole tray a bit, thinking too much water would have evaporated in our hot Arizona clime. I dug up a few of the seeds just to take a peek and they really hadn’t done anything. Well, one of the bean seeds was a little mushy (this is what clued me off about the overwatering). So a few days ago I decided to just drop one more of each type of seed into the pots and keep the tray inside to sprout and, lo and behold, I’ve finally got some life in my seed tray. You have to learn a few lessons in the beginning, I suppose. Now that things seem to be back on track I hope we haven’t lost too much in the way of a future harvest because of my ignorance.

Besides the veggies that were started indoors, I’ve also sown some carrot seeds in the containers that once contained pea plants. I’m hoping my nitrogen factories have made the potting soil rich enough to produce some lovely carrots (white and purple heirloom varieties). I had started a couple of varieties of globe carrots in smaller pots a couple of months back and didn’t have much success with germination. We might get enough for Reagan to have a snack in about a month.

On another note, one of the two tomato plants that I purchased has just started flowering. I just planted it in a cactus bed that was already set up in our yard and it seems to be able to get enough water there. The other tomato was planted in the same corner as my leafy greens and it just doesn’t seem to like the clay. I am very surprised that with the onslaught of aphid, worm and bird attacks that nothing has touched the tomatoes. Who would have thought mustard greens were tastier?