I realize I’ve been here a whole month and haven’t really shared any photos of the amazing park I’m working at, so here is a large group of random ones.

The second week I was here, the park superintendent took us for a short hike around the Elkhorn Ranch site. This is where T. Roosevelt had an 8-room cabin built and tried his hand at ranching. The cabin is gone but the Cottonwoods are still around.

A wooly bully!

My buddy Sam and I went camping and hiking at the north unit of the park. I love cooking gourmet food over an open campfire.

We only got lost a few times…most of those times were spent wandering around in big grassy fields looking for the trail.

Sam was so proud that he could make us a bridge to cross the creek.

I made my friend Joe go on a treacherous climb with me and about halfway up the face of a butte he informed me of his fear of heights. This is a view of our apartment buildings from the top of the butte.

We scared up a few owls when we were climbing around here.

Some of the park’s native flowers.

I always manage to get muddy.

The clover has grown up to my elbows on some of the trails.

I finally saw some elk in our park! There were 2 separate groups of them.

I ran into a band of 9 horses.

Bison bones.

I camped and hiked with Jacob along the Maah Daah Hey Trail.

It’s a horny toad!

One of the locals let us borrow his kayaks so we took a 2-hour paddle down the Little Missouri.

We’re a bunch of misfits.


When we pulled the kayaks up, the boys discovered a big mud pit next to the river so we returned the next evening so they could roll around in it.

Good for the skin!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more in another month or so.