I didn’t have any time to post the photos from the road trip earlier, so here they are with a few captions.

We found a good number of abandoned places along the way and this is one of the more interesting ones.

The clouds have much more character out west. Or maybe it’s that the view is unobstructed by trees?

A color-changing lizard I found on Black Mesa.

Black Mesa, OK, and the view to the south of the mesa.

Mt. Sunflower, KS.

Like I said, a lot of abandoned places, especially homesteads.

Panorama Point, NE.

A herd of bison!

I’m beginning to see why they call this area ‘Big Sky’ country.

Camping in Ft. Robinson State Park with some views from inside my bug tent.

Camping in Custer State Park with some large visitors.

Camping in Bear Butte State Park with a view of the butte.

The ‘buffalo’ toe.

Mt. Rushmore Memorial, SD.