June 1, 2010, Highpoint #23: Mt. Sunflower, KS

We packed up our camp at Black Mesa State Park and headed north into Colorado. I can’t say that the weather cooled as much as we had thought it would, but the clouds became larger and fluffier the further north we went. The eastern edge of Colorado is very flat and patterned with a mixture of farm and pasture land.

We followed the directions in my book to the gravel road that lead to Mt. Sunflower. The high point is marked with a sunflower sculpture made from railroad spikes. We signed the register and snapped a few photos. We got bit by some obnoxious horse flies. And we left.

After the high point, we took the road back into Colorado and continued north as far as we thought we could make it with enough light to pitch a tent. Our plan was to camp in North Sterling State Park but by the time we got to Sterling the wind had picked up considerably and the sky looked menacing. After some deliberation, we checked into a motel and after hearing from some motorists in the lobby say that there was a hail storm predicted for the area we were relieved by our decision.

June 2, 2010, Highpoint #24: Panorama Point, NE

From Sterling we only had about an hour and a half of driving to get to Nebraska’s high point. It is very close to the tri-state marker it shares with Wyoming and Colorado and is at the end of some dusty gravel roads on a bison ranch.

The actual high point features a granite marker and a counter with several registers and some stories stashed inside about the high point and the ranch. We could see a herd of bison about 100 large grazing off in the distance and also had to hopscotch around their large dollops of poo, but we were in no way threatened by them.

From the high point we headed for Fort Robinson State Park. They have a primitive tent camping area and we found a nice patch of grass next to a creek. There was a picnic table and fire pit and we arrived early enough to start craving something warm for dinner so I headed into town to see if I could find some hotdogs to throw on the grill. Everything had shut down just before we arrived so I returned with only a package of marshmallows and a bag of maui onion kettlechips. We ended up boiling carrots and chickpeas and throwing some couscous and chopped nuts into the pot. It was pretty good for being thrown together from nothing.