There is not much to report today but I’m sure some of you are wondering how we are doing, so this will be a quick post.

We got a late start which put the sun right in our laps and our faces for the entire drive. Most of the time on the road today was spent on the interstate we are both a little relieved that we left all of that in Oklahoma City and the remainder of the trip will cover state roads and U.S. highways. Gas prices are around .20 cents cheaper per gallon than anything I would have found in the Panhandle. The scenery gets a little repetitive, but at least it’s pretty. We’ve seen limitless wheat fields and pasture land and the sky has remained a mostly cloudless light blue. Although it was hot, the drive through Oklahoma wasn’t so bad.

We stopped at a cozy little motel called The Wayfarer Inn and the lady at the front desk pointed us toward a restaurant down the road called K-Bob’s which offered steaks and chicken and their famous salad wagon. We ate our fill.