My dad decided when he was home for Thanksgiving that we would start a bunch of traditions this year because we don’t really have any holiday traditions. Actually, I guess it’s more a tradition to just spend the holidays at someone else’s house because we’re never usually all home at the same time. For Thanksgiving, we’re all supposed to run a 5k or participate in the ‘Turkey Trot’. Well, this year only my father and I ever made it around to completing the 3-mile run, but nothing ever goes right the first year, right?

When we all awoke around 9am Christmas Day, I think we were all still a little drunk from the night before. My dad decided he wanted to go to the beach even though the sand was wet from the early-morning rain. Sheena, TJ and my dad and I took the top off of the Jimmy and piled in for a quick ride down to the coast. Crossing the Navarre Beach bridge was a bit eerie because there was so much fog on the water.

The weather was actually a bit warm when we eventually walked down the dunes, but I started toeing the water and realized pretty quickly that I didn’t want to get in.

While the rest of us were standing around being wimps, my brother was stripping down to his underwear and ran and dove into the water. My dad was soon to follow.

It was especially cold when they got out.

Not sure why Sheena was shaking her head, but I thought this shot was neat.

So, maybe next year I’ll muster up the guts to jump in the ocean on Christmas Day since I passed on it this time. We eventually went to dinner at a Chinese buffet in Ft. Walton and came home to watch movies and relax a bit.

Some post-Christmas dinner funny faces.

I could not have asked for a better Christmas.