Most of the people who read this blog know me pretty well and would understand the magnitude of the event of my father being home for Christmas. He had been working in Tennessee and drove through fog and ice on Christmas Eve to be with us for a little more than a week, but didn’t arrive at the house until 11:45pm. You could say he was racing Santa, who ended up bringing us all some interesting gifts. It was great to be able to share this holiday with my family and some good friends. When you’re away for so many years, you realize it’s what you miss the most. Family. And mine is absolutely the best.

After I had a nice morning run, TJ, Sheena and I went to Publix and picked up a few basic things for making dinner. We also made a little pit stop at the liquor store where nobody could really figure out what they wanted to drink and we left collectively about $50 poorer. When we got back to the house, we dragged out a tent and started gathering wood for a fire. As is his style, my brother couldn’t resist having brought something like these shorts without sharing them with everyone.

TJ and Sheena started drinking a bit early with some shots, which amounted to sharpie tattooes, peeing in the yard, and rolling around in the tent (which didn’t get set up).

For the period of time that I was making dinner, not many photos were taken, but very basically the order of events are: Brad and Jose showed up, my mom came home from work, we made a fire and ate dinner outside, we roasted marshmallows and drank a little too much and eventually plugged in Rock Band. Photographic evidence as follows.

Okay, just a little backstory for this next shot: I don’t smoke. I think it’s pretty gross and usually when other people are doing it around me, I start feeling sick. However, I’m known to ask for cigarettes when I’ve had a little too much to drink. When we were all together for Thanksgiving and I got a bit hammered, I was begging everyone for a cigarette and no one would give one to me. My brother had told me for Christmas I was allowed to have just one. So at some point in the night, they handed me a cigarette which I maybe puffed on a total of 3 times and almost singed my eyebrows off trying to light in the fire. I was going to ask for another one later, but thought I’d just be cool and slip one out of the pack when no one was looking. But a better opportunity presented itself! A lone cigarette came flying out of nowhere and landed on the ground in front of me. I pounced on it and lit it immediately. My brother equated my actions with those of a hobo. So, I’m now a hoboer of cigarettes. The flying cigarette was apparently an accident and was not meant to ever touch my lips. But it did.

My dad eventually showed up and we went back outside to drink and be next to the fire.

TJ is showing off his squatting technique?

Santa made a stop.

Apparently, I threw a piece of chocolate directly into my dad’s mouth from over 5 feet away. I wish I remembered this because I don’t normally have this much skill.

We eventually went back to playing more Rock Band into the wee hours of the morning.

Everyone else passed out around 4am and I watched Anchor Man by myself until 5:45am. I’m now done with heavy drinking for a while.