It’s Halloween and I’m spending the night at the house alone. My choice of movie for the night: Labyrinth (but only because I couldn’t find the 1956 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers). I know….Henson and his puppets are not exactly very scary, but David Bowie sometimes is.

I’ve been back from North Carolina for about a week now and the weather is starting to cool off down here. We had a couple of days here with a lot of wind and it was tough getting myself to venture out for my morning run. The one good thing about it being cold out is that drinking tea at night seems so much nicer.

Job hunting has still not been very fruitful. Some places have told me they’ve been put on a hiring freeze because the economy is going south. I’m also noticing a greater number of ‘going out of business’ signs along the highway. I wonder what the results of the election will do to my chances of getting hired this season.

I don’t feel like there’s much else for me to say right now, so I’ll just share some of the photographs I took in North Carolina. I didn’t use my cameras as much as I thought I would, but there are a couple here that I’m happy with. So here mostly in the order they were taken.

This is Greyson, my nephew.

Two of my nieces and second cousins.

Me with my sister!!

My amazing family.

Some dogs, of course.

A wild turkey and a moth.

A kitty and more dogs.

We went to Carowinds one day and I rode the Skycoaster with my cousin Jesse.

This is my sister and all of her children.

Oh, and her dog.

Hello, Sarah Palin! I was given a bouffant hairdo.

We took a little hike around my sister’s neighborhood.

More kid portraits.

This was a little adventure around my aunt’s property and then around the lake where we ended up camping.

I got really sick the night we went to the LEAF festival. I mustered up a smile for this photo and it was the only one I took.

I gave myself what my friend referred to as ‘grocery store feet’ when I wore leather flip flops in the rain.

My dad gave us rides around our property on the ATV and then we took a short hike to a swimming area. The cabin is my aunt’s.

We found this sign in front of a church in Swannanoa.

And here’s my brother, hung-over the morning after he drank a whole bottle of wine in less than an hour.

When I returned to Florida I was given the chore of scrubbing the organic apples we picked at my aunt and uncle’s house. And then I made what I called ‘really good soup’ full of kale, tomatoes, leeks, broccoli and green beans.


Lazy dog.

Well, that’s all for now. I will update everyone on my job hunting status when I actually get some action.