I’ve been trying to walk 5 miles in the mornings before going to work and yesterday I decided to take it easy and just carry my camera with me instead of focusing on the mileage. I have noticed some beautiful flowers during my walks and wanted to make sure I got some photographs before it was too late. The flowers in New England are really peculiar compared to Florida and seem to have a shorter bloom cycle. I also needed a good excuse to take out the 100mm f/2.8 macro I bought and have used….never. Here are my favorites.

I have no idea the name of this flower. I’ve tried using the internet to identify it, but that’s been no help. The flowers are really tiny, a little bigger than my thumb.

The next few are irises. They really smell like purple.

I’m not sure about this flower also. It grows on a vine and hangs in a cluster, sort of like Wisteria, but different flowers.

These are certainly the most interesting from this group. I’m told they are called Bleeding Hearts and that there are only pink and white varieties. They look less like hearts to me and more like hanging chickens. This is definitely the end of the season for these flowers so I wasn’t able to get any really great shots of them, but there’s always next year. They’re just hard to spot because the flowers are not very large.

If any of you can identify that first flower, I’d appreciate it. I’m getting excited as the weeks get closer to my canoe trip in New Hampshire because we’re trying to catch some alpine flowers in bloom. I also learned of a tucked-away field of hundreds of rare pink-and-white Lady’s Slippers.