I don’t know what compelled me to ever go out and buy a set of knitting needles, but I finally did it and I’m finding that I absolutely love it. After just a few rows or rounds, you begin to see your project take shape and that’s pretty satisfying.

The first pattern I knit was for a scarf which was in the back of a pocket-sized knitting guide and just involved purl and knit stitches. From there I decided to search for information about knitting online and I came across knitty.com and discovered all of the beautiful (and free) patterns they have published. I saw photos for the Lace Ribbon scarf and decided this would be my next project.

With some extra yarn and a bit of research online I figured out how to perform a few new stitches (ssk, k2tog, yo, and 2yo). After practicing a bit, I went to Eva’s Yarn Shop in Fairhaven, MA, and picked out a fingering weight, hand-dyed yarn with which to knit my next project. (I also found out that Wednesday and Thursday nights there is a knitting group that meets here where you can share your projects and get technical help. Read more about this at their website.)



I learned a lot with this project about how to back up stitch by stitch to fix mistakes and how to pick up slipped stitches. I also learned how to really read the pattern and match it up with what I had already knit so I didn’t have to carry the instructions with me after repeating the pattern a couple of times. It took me about 2 weeks to complete the scarf.



Although there are a few mistakes here and there, I’m very proud of my first real project. I’m already browsing patterns for my next project.